The implosion of Planet Wacko

"Families of Charleston church massacre forgive shooter."
"Putin warns Sweden/Belgium/America of retaliations."
Islamic leaders: "For men it's okay to marry underage girls, and even have sex with baby's."
Pat Robertson: "The earthquake was the Haitians' punishment for overthrowing slavery."
Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman."
"The Republican message is crystal clear: rape-joke making, gay-bashing, abuse-defending, discrimination-supporting, law-skirting, ideology-pushing Republican men are welcome to be judges in our federal courts."
- Drew Courtney, Huffington Post.

Malaysians: "Taking nude selfies on the site of a holy mountain triggered a magnitude-5.9 earthquake that killed 18 people and leaving hundreds more stranded."
Dennis Haster; a high brow Republican gets indicted for corruption related to gay skeletons in his closet.
"Behead those who insult the peaceful Islam."

New news is old news. Who cares anyway? So weblog Planet Wacko will not be continued.


2015, and still we've got Religion

Religion is even trending as never before, these days.
Atheist usually hate Religion, but it also fascinates them. Like me. How does Religion tick? How constructive is it? Why doesn't have the human mind a defence against it? What idiot started it?


Paris 1/11/2015: Je Suis Hypocrite

It was a Who's Who in political celebs. To make clear that Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom should be defended.

Who were there?
Israelian PM Netanyahu was there, with Palestinian president Abbas. During the Walk they were separated by ten other leaders and royalties to avoid that Mr Israel and Mr Palestina would be offended by each other's smells. A pity, in neutral Paris they could have enjoyed a cafe-au-lait and a croissant on a terrace in Montmartre, and a relaxed talk about their own local problems.
Barack Obama, now he wasn't there. He was in the land of Buddha, it was too late to cancel that visit, everything had been 'arranged already'. From visits to India's nuclear temples to talks with India's raped women in hospitals.
Who else was there? At this Peace March in the name of Freedom of Press Speech? Fasten your seat belts.


'Eeeeek- get out of here, I'm nekkid!'

I grew up in a household where the chances to bump into each other naked were slim. I had modern parents, but nudity wasn't on their social agenda. So I once made an attempt to see my father naked in the bathroom.
Fifteen or sixteen, I was.
Just curiosity. How different was 'it' from mine?
I never got the chance, got afraid he would catch me in the act and slipped back to my room. A few years later I found out I was a homosexual.


Meet the Lord. He's residing in Arizona

In Arizona there's a dangerous Übermuslim rampant. Except, he has a western name, wears western suits and the growth on his chin does not look like an exploded bramble bush.
He's a christian Pastor. And like his colleagues in the Middle East, he's an extremist to the max.


May the ghost of Jennifer haunt her family forever

Jennifer Gable from Twin Falls Idaho died at work. She was 32. Hardly news, but of course a great tragedy for her family.
She was killed twice. By a brain aneurysm, and by her 'loving' family.


The harmlessness of dangly bits

--Guy Walking In The Woods With No Clothes On--
In November, but at the moment Western Europe knows relatively mild temperatures around 14 degrees celsius. So, as long as you keep moving and generating body heath; why not? The only thing you can accuse him of is that he, when he was stopped by the police, had to draw his ID from his lower intestine.


Get your socks out of your birkenstocks

I am definitely not a foot-fetisjist. Even the nursery rhyme This Little Piggy Went To Market makes me shudder.
But I do have an empathy with legs. Male ones. Contrary to the legend, male legs are not unattractive. They are, but that's exactly where they get their sex-appeal from.


Warning: Alien beach, Clothing-Optional (2)

Characteristic are the huge darkly liquid, slanted eyes. Identical ones can be seen in the famous 'leaked' docu footage in where a Roswell team vivisects one of the alien corpses. Unfortunately this 'highly classified' evidence appeared to be fabricated in the 1990s by a video entrepeneur who eventually admitted that it was a 'reconstruction', for which he had a dummy made. However, the video was based on 'genuine footage now lost, and some original frames that had supposedly survived', he said.

These, perhaps?:


Warning - Alien beach, Clothing-Optional

I just finished Steven Spielberg's tv miniseries Taken. It's about three American families (the Clarkes, the Crawfords and the Keys) whose lives are changed after an encounter with creatures from outer space. The effects of these adventures - and their subsequent trauma's - work through in later family generations. Meaning they were repeatedly 'abducted', and returned to earth with incomprehensible but no less fearful recollections. Enough to wreck your social life, right?


Bears in space!

“Is It Cold in Here?” asked a water bear NEVER."
- Matt Simoin,

But first some Breaking News:
Russian cosmonauts have reported discovering traces of sea plankton living on the exterior of the International Space Station
NASA's sceptic reaction:
"We don’t know where all the sea plankton talk is coming from."

Okay. Maybe the plankton find is a hoax.
But the water bear, as featured in the animation, is not. He's still Hot News. 


As The Heavens Turn #16

~ The ascension of a fondling clerical  ~



...Where's the fanfare of golden trumpets...?
Who are you?

Good day,  my name is Simon. 
Better known as Pete.


Bishops and the divinity of fondling

The Church waited until it didn't matter anymore. So after the confirmation of his rigor mortis, they issued a statement that as a chaplain in his late twenties (1958-1961), revered Dutch bishop Joannes Gijsen fondled boy's penises and most likely a bit more. When the bunnies resisted (the newspapers supplied a day later), he warned them that they would burn in Hell for an eternity. 

You know, this is so much more evil than the actual sexual abuse. I remember that at the age of 12, fondling felt nice. Not that an adult ever did the fondling in those days, but had it happened, it most probably wouldn't have destroyed my life. The hysterical reaction of my parents would have freaked me out a lot more.


From the swampy bowels of the Netherlands #7

We have a monarchy. O yes, we can. Costs a mint, royal glamour and castles and golden carriages always do, but it certainly profiles our country as a fairy tale land. Who on this planet doesn't want to live in a fairy tale land? Tens of thousands from Eastern Europe and half of Africa have just arrived.


Les Beaux Frères

Is it nightclubbing?
Is it an ad for a republican president's runner?
Is it art?
Is it what Evolution meant and God did not?

It's the Beaux Frères. And they are funny.